Thursday, February 4, 2010

Can you help me?

 am taking part in a contest, and to qualify I need to sell at least 5 books from the site I See Me

 The thing that makes these books special is the fact that are personalized with your child's name, names of friends and family members, and you can even pick the type of animals/characters that will appear in some books.
One book that might be great for Valentine's Day is called "Who Loves Me?" and what little princess wouldn't love the book "My Very Own Fairy Tale"
Take a Virtual tour of our new book Who Loves Me? at

Another book, called "You & Me Book from Grandparent(s)" was featured on televison.  Here is the clip.

Check out the site . . . tell your friends and family and make sure that you go to I See Me through this link so that I get credit for it.

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